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Window Suppliers & Fitters Washington

At Active Windows & Doors, we supply and fit a wide range of windows to customers throughout Washington and the surrounding areas in Tyne and Wear. All of the windows we offer are available in a range of styles, colours and designs.

We manufacture and fit all of our UPVC windows using SWISH  window systems. Our windows can transform any house into beautiful homes with a fantastic range of UPVC windows. We have been supplying and fitting windows for many years. Over this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy brand, providing efficient and quality services and products.

We understand windows are a key aesthetic and a large investment for any home so we will work alongside our customers to make sure they are 100 percent happy every step of the way. When it comes to needing new windows in Washington, be sure to get in touch with Active Windows & Doors.

Why Choose Active Windows & Doors

  • All windows will be tailored specifically for your home.
  • We can offer a range of styles and options
  • Your windows will be manufactured to the highest quality using only high end materials.
  • We can offer reasonable prices all year round without the need of sales or gimmicks.

Windows are a lot more than just aesthetics, they can also add thousands of pounds worth of value to your property; as well as saving you money on your energy bills every year. All of the windows we offer are “A” Rated energy efficient glass as standard for our windows.

Our Range of Windows

UPVC Casement Windows – Casement windows have outward opening panes, hinged from either the top of the side. This could also be combined with top lights/ fixed panels (no opening).

Sash Windows – Sash windows have two panes, one vertically above the other and both panes can slide to open from the top or bottom of the window.

Tilt & Turn Windows – These type of windows open inwards. They are hinged at the base and tilt in towards the room for opening. Once the handle is turned, they become side hinged allowing the window to swing into the room to enable easy reach cleaning.

Bow/Bay Windows – Whether you are looking to replace your existing bow or bay window or thinking of constructing a new bay/ bow window. Active Windows & Doors will happily accommodate this by appointing on of our professional registered building contractors who will complete the brick work efficiently and to a very high standard leaving Active Windows completing the installation. Contact us to arrange an estimate.

French Windows – Operating just like the popular French doors, French Windows are complete with two opening sashes without a fixed mullion enabling a complete clear opening for ultimate view and air flow.

Arched/ Speciality Shaped Windows – From arched uPVC windows to porthole bathroom windows we also supply and install these speciality windows which will be manufactured using the same profile as the rest of the windows in your home so there’s no need to shop around looking for more than companies and the completed work will be carried out by the same team here at Active Windows.

Energy Efficiency – Active windows uses profile SWISH 24/7 which is high quality UPVC and with this we use “A” Rated energy efficient glass and “A” Rated safety toughened glass on all doors and windows where appropriate.

Double or Triple Glazing – Which is best?

Double and triple glazing is put together as a sealed unit. The gap between each pane of glass works as an insulating barrier, this gap can be filled with an argon or krypton gas for extra insulation. People can often be miss lead into thinking triple glazing is the better option where in fact quality double glazing can be just as effective as triple glazing without the extra weight or cost!

Usually triple glazing will be the better option if your property is situated near a busy road or in loud surroundings therefore would benefit from better sound insulation which triple glazing would offer. Therefore the answer to this question depends upon your home, location and overall levels of insulation. If you’re in doubt as to which is the best option for your home, then contact Active Windows & Doors. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best quality of glazing for your home.

Window Design & Manufacturing

Here at Active Windows & Doors, we design and manufacture all of the windows that we offer to customers throughout Washington and the surrounding area. Whether it be decorative lead work, Georgian bar or obscure design glass, our professional window fitters will talk you through all the available options and work with you to design the styles of window which will complement your home.

Foiled (Coloured) UPVC

Looking for something different? Wanting to transform or modernise your home? Well with our range of foiled coloured UPVC, you can transform the aesthetic of your property. Our window fitters will guide you through the range of options available to you before any window fitting is carried out. Some of the colours we offer are:

  • Dark Red
  • Chartwell Green
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Slate Gray
  • Dark Green
  • Many more…

All of these coloured options are finished by permanently bonding foils to the upvc and requires no maintenance, no fading, peeling or splitting. For more information on the colours available speak to a member of our window fitting team today by calling 0191 416 0700.

Security & Peace of Mind

Its important that locks, handles, hinges, frame and even glazing do their job to protect your home and family, all windows we provide conform to PAS 24:2012 which covers enhanced security requirements for windows and doors in the UK. We also offer Secure by Design (SBD) accreditation with this our products are available with high security features built in. Talk to our a member of our team, who will be more than happy to discuss this further.

Window Fitting in Washington

When you choose Active Windows & Doors for window fitting, all work will be carried out by our team of experienced and professional window fitters. When it comes to window fitting, we’ll ensure it’s carried out on a day and at a time that suits you. We regularly carry out window fitting in Washington and throughout the surrounding areas. With years of experience fitting windows, we have developed a well-known reputation for the quality of work our window fitters carry out.

For New Windows in Washington Contact Active Windows & Doors

When it comes to needing new windows in Washington or any of the surrounding areas in Tyne & Wear, be sure to get in touch with Active Windows & Doors. We offer a complete window service covering everything from design to fitting. All of our windows are covered by a ten year guarantee. We offer a deposit guarantee and insurance backed guarantee. Active windows & Doors are certified by CERTASS. Call us today on 0191 416 0700 and we’ll be happy to discuss your window requirements.

We also offer our services to clients based in and around the surrounding areas; Whickham, Sunderland,  Birtley, Durham and Sunniside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Can I Paint uPVC Window Frames?

You can do, but it’s not something we would recommend as there’s a good chance it won’t look very good. If you really want to paint your frames then you can buy UPVC primer that makes it easier to paint onto, but once it’s done it’s almost impossible to return to original unpainted effect.

Be aware that by painting or modifying your Active windows will invalidate your guarantee, so give us a call before doing anything too drastic. We do, however, provide a range of window colours to suit all your needs. This includes being able to have different colours on the outside than on the inside, giving you more control over the design of your home.

How Secure are Active Windows?

By its nature, both double and triple glazing offers greater security due to the added strength of extra panes of glass. For windows that open, all windows come with locks that are rigorously tested to ensure they are fit for purpose. Casement, Tilt and Turn and Sliding sash windows are Secured by Design accredited.

Are you window installation services bespoke?

Yes, we do. All of our UPVC shaped windows are bespoke and to your specific requirements so you can be confident that unusual shapes can normally be accommodated. Arched, round or simply ‘odd-shaped’, Active Windows can provide the solution in a range of colours and finishes.

Do You Offer Self-Cleaning Glass?

We don’t offer self-cleaning glass in any of our windows or doors because it simply doesn’t work! Self-cleaning glass does not yet have a quality standard to measure it against. Self-cleaning glass needs both daylight to activate the coating and flowing rainfall to wash off the dirt effectively. As windows are often sheltered by lintels, arches and overhanging eaves, they would only get a thorough washing-down if struck by horizontal driving rain. These conditions are not in our control and will vary from installation to installation and even window to window. We do not want unhappy customers so are unwilling to promise something that we cannot guarantee will be delivered.

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